About Us

Jacqueline is a registered nurse with 17 years experience working in hospitals, home health agencies and nursing home. She is skilled in medical surgical nursing and cardiac nursing. She is also an I-Act certified Colon hydrotherapist.  Her experiences provide her with a unique prospective on health and wellness.

Being a nurse for 17 years she has seen many illnesses and death, and has come to realize that it is better to try to find the root causes of diseases and try to prevent them rather than to try cure diseases. Therefore, that discovery gave birth to Restorative Health Wellness Center.

She strongly believes that our consumption of meat, diary, sugar and white flour products along with heavy exposure of pesticides and other chemicals causes our bodies to become toxic. Our body’s immune system can no longer handle the large amount of toxins that our food and environment continue to bombard us with, thus colon cancer is on the rise along with a multitude of other diseases. Our health problems don’t start overnight; it is a gradual pollution of our body.

Jacqueline has decided to spend the rest of her nursing career restoring the health and wellness of the community, specializing in colon hydrotherapy.

She strongly believes that a proper combination of nutrition, exercise, colon hydrotherapy, and a trust in the divine power can help the body maintain and restore its natural vitality and energy.