Natural Weight Loss Program


Natural Weight Loss Program

“Weight Loss is not a Physical or Mental Challenge
It’s a Lifestyle Change”

The First Step—Initial Evaluation

In this portion of the program, you will be evaluated to determine whether or not the Restorative Health Wellness Natural Weight Loss Program is the appropriate treatment for you.

It involves a 1 ½ to 2-hour visit at the Restorative Health Wellness Center, consisting of:

  • History and Physical
  • EKG (only if necessary and must be done by your primary care physician or specialist)
  • Laboratory Tests needed are: CBC, CMP, T3, T4, Hemoglobin A1C,
    Lipid profile (only if necessary and must be done by your primary care physician or specialist)
  • Written statement of approval to participate in a regular moderate intensity exercise/and or physical activity program from your primary care physician or health care provider.
  • Intake Assessment (This could be either a behavior assessment, or an initial interview with the program director and/or dietitian.)

The Treatment: The Natural Weight Loss Program consists of 12 weeks of treatment depending on the individual client’s health status and ability to achieve their goals and objectives in the scheduled time frame. The presentation of the weight loss program involves different components geared toward the accomplishment of specific goals and objectives.

Maintenance (6 weeks of Ongoing Weight Management)
Group support and education is provided for all clients who have completed the 12 Week Natural Weight Loss Program. Regular attendance of the bi-weekly assessments/information sessions of the Natural Weight Loss Program allow for a one-year membership in Maintenance, at no charge.

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