Will only one session do the job?

Each person is so unique in his or her symptoms; baseline and goals, there cannot be a predetermined number of sessions. Also years of improper nutrition cannot possibly be reversed with one treatment.

We have packages of 6, 8 or 12. It is recommended  to have two sessions the first week back -to- back, two sessions the second week back to back and then one a week for the next sessions in the series. After a completion of the sessions, most clients return every couple of months for maintenance purposes.


Is it Painful?

The answer is no, one can experience some mild discomfort or mild cramping during the session; this is an exception rather than a norm. The majority of clients feel no discomfort at all. Most clients report feeling exceptionally well following a session. One can continue normal activity following a session without any disruption of lifestyle.


How long does the Colon Hydrotherapy take?

A session is 35- 45 minutes. Please plan for an hour to allow yourself time for preparation and questions following the session.


“A natural cleanse to better health”

How do I prepare for my first Colon Hydrotherapy session?

Please arrive a half hour early to fill out your paper work.  Upon completion we will spend some time talking, reviewing your health history, answering questions and making sure that you feel very comfortable before getting started.


Drinking as much water as you can comfortably is important- do NOT over-compensate by guzzling a gallon of water. Eat healthy and nourishing foods the day of your session unless you are fasting or on a specific Detox Program. Eating a meal two to four hours before your colonic is ideal, but no food or beverage should be consumed in the two hours before your appointment. You are in the process of taking very good care of yourself so allow for the time and space you need to be in a calm state of mind. Your body responds best to treatment when it is relaxed.

A day or two before your appointment drinking 16 to 32 ounces of raw vegetable juice daily is helpful. Raw veggie juice goes to work to help scrub your cells squeaky clean like soap does for us externally. A colonic rinses the released toxins out of the body and away from our internal lining. Drinking the raw veggie juice prior to your colonic helps loosen wastes in the body and starts the cleansing process in advance.

Try to avoid dairy products, red meats, shell fish, processed carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, etc.), fried foods, sugar, carbonated beverages, i.e. Pop or Beer even Kombutcha, for as long as you can leading up to your appointment.

Include lots of the following in your diet:

  • Raw fruits
  • Lightly steamed, low starch vegetables
  • Organic raw nuts and seeds
  • Plenty of omega 3, 6, 9, coconut oils, avocados and cold pressed plant oils like olive and
    sesame oil
  • Whole grains – NOT whole wheat
  • Organic chicken and fresh water clean fish, even organic bison



Is it acceptable to have colon hydrotherapy while menstruating?

The answer is it is actually the best time since the body is naturally cleansing ,your treatment will be even more effective during this time. Many women schedule their monthly maintenance sessions to coincide with their time of month.

Your modesty and privacy are of utmost importance.

What do I do after my first session?

You are more than welcome to sit and relax after your session. We ask that you eat very light, pure and easy to digest foods the remainder of the day, no nuts, nothing spicy and ONLY steamed veggies for the day of your session. Try to stay away from raw, overly rich, heavy foods. You have just cleansed your system so well, we want you to allow your body to rest and relax so it can go to work to heal you, rather than to work digesting huge, rich meals. We suggest fresh veggie juice, steamed vegetables, a non cream-based soup, light fish and soft whole grains.

Please try to stay away from alcohol as it may cause a stomach ache because it is just too strong for your freshly cleansed system.