Use of Laxatives or Enema

What about the use of laxatives or enema?

Laxatives, herbal or synthetic are irritant to the body. Laxatives cause the body to produce a thin, watery substance that goes through the colon leaving behind impacted toxins and waste, thus making a bad situation worse.

Laxatives may cause bowel to become a†lazy bowel†slowing the muscles in the anus and rectum which cause an increase in constipation and promotes bleeding hemorrhoids and griping abdominal pain.

The FDA is warning that using more than one dose in 24 hour of over the counter sodium phosphate drugs to treat constipation can cause rare but serious harm to the kidneys, and heart and even death. FDA has become aware of reports of severe dehydration and changes in the level of serum electrolytes from using more than the recommended dose of phosphate products.

An enema may be useful, but it generally is only able to clean the sigmoid part of the colon, which consist of approximately one foot of the colon. A colonic will cleanse the entire colon, all 5 ½ to 6 feet. Also an enema can put a great deal of pressure on the anus causing hemorrhoids to be worse where a colonic does not put any pressure on the anus.